Jazz Lovers Lifetime Goldmine Of Listening Enjoyment and Making Music: 22 Volumes, 5,500 Pages, 22 CDs

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jazz improv

jazz musicCLICK HERE to view the entire contents of each of the 22 Volumes & CDs – in this jazz music Lifetime Collection – including a listing of every interview, article, review, song lead sheet, transcribed solo, analysis, exercise and every track on each of the CDs

From: Eric Nemeyer, Publisher

Even if you’re one of those people who knows everything there is to know about jazz music, here is a a jazz music reference collection like no other – and there are fewer than 200 sets remaining, and they will never be reprinted.

jazz improvisationWith this expansive lifetime library of jazz music, history, musicians, reviews of recordings, motivational and philosophical perspectives – you’ll discover more of the secrets of the masters, the sounds, sights and information than you might imagine.

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Created by passionate fans and musicians — for jazz fans, jazz music educators, students, musicians — you’ll experience a lifetime of enjoyment, entertainment and jazz education.

PLUS for those who happen to make music, this collection will provide you with a kind of Doctorate in jazz music & jazz improvisation.

You’ll get hundreds of pages of transcribed solos as performed by the most influential stylists, song lead sheets, practice exercises, arrangements with scores and parts, instructional articles on how to improvise, play, compose and arrange.

Created By Passionate Fans and Musicians This Set Will Provide You With A Lifetime of jazz music Enjoyment & jazz education and Tools To Make Music – Instruction, Motivational Essays, and Essential Ideas, Wisdom and Secrets From Influential jazz music Masters Unveiling The Mysteries of jazz improvisation.

Get the entire set of 22 available back Issues of jazz improv and 22 CDs featuring more than 250 tracks by leading and emerging artists for the ONE LOW PRICE of $177 (plus shipping) (Regularly over $500!!!)


If you would like the set shipped to CANADA, you will be billed an additional $80 prior to shipping.

If you would like the set shipped INTERNATIONALLY, you will be billed an additional $125 prior to shipping.

jazz improv

Here are 13 Key Reasons Why You’ll Want This jazz music Collection In Your Library For A Lifetime of Enjoyment!

Feature #1: ENHANCED COMPANION CDs - 75 minutes of music. Each volume of Jazz Improv® includes full-length tracks by leading and emerging artists, plus e-book and video.

Benefit #1: You’ll discover and hear new music with a collection of time-saving buyer’s guides to get the recordings by the influential artists and emerging players you’ll hear.

Feature #2: MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF ESSENTIAL & COMPELLING CONTENT & INSIDER INFO ABOUT JAZZ MUSIC ARTISTS, RECORDINGS, HISTORY and more. Expansive cover features, incredibly in-depth, probing and intelligent interviews explore the driving ideas, creative processes, philosophies and spirituality of the artists. Plus you’ll get tons of detailed reviews of recordings and products, columns by some of the foremost writers, artists educators and more.

Benefit #2: Satisfies your passion for jazz. The wealth of information will turn you into a jazz music expert and authority in no time (or more of an expert, if you already are one) making it a cinch to impress friends, relatives, associates (if you want to). The abundant content also stretches your jazz dollars, and provides more value for your money than any other jazz publication.

Feature #3: REVEALING & INSPIRING IN-DEPTH INTERVIEWS – Detailed and comprehensive interviews with leading and emerging artists, address the music and the philosophical, motivational and life perspectives and experiences that drive their creativity and creations.

Benefit #3: Increase your knowledge and understanding of the artists you love, admire, and whose music inspires you as you discover the ideas, philosophies and spirituality that guides and drives their music and the secrets behind the creative processes. Puts you up close and personal with them.

Feature #4: BLOCKBUSTER COVER FEATURES — You’ll read the most in-depth custom-created features around, in jazz improv. Really get to know these lifetime achieving artists. The features include their backgrounds, accomplishments, biographical and discographical information, resources and much more. Sonny Rollins, Buddy Rich, Stan Getz, Frank Sinatra, Wes Montgomery, Dizzy Gillespie, and Louis Armstrong are some of the great ones you’ve missed that we’ve recently published.

Benefit #4: You’ll literally be a walking authority on the lives and music of these distinguished masters. You’ll also be inspired to discover more of their music.

Feature #5: INFORMATIVE RECORD REVIEWS - 30 to 40 pages of detailed reviews by knowledgeable writers covering 75 to 100 recordings. Reviews include personnel, track listings, and contact information.

Benefit #5: You’ll find new and reissued recordings by both the most well-known jazz music artists, emerging players, and even obscure ones that you’ll rejoice in discovering. The reviews and companion CD that comes with jazz improv, together expand your horizons about the music, and simplify your decision-making buying process.

Feature #6: POWERFUL MOTIVATIONAL ARTICLES & IDEAS – We pepper jazz improv with thought-provoking quotes, motivational articles and interviews. These are designed to take you way beyond the music, and inspire positive thinking, personal development and human potential.

Benefit #6: Enjoy the balance and energy from the healthy mind, body and spirit that you’ll develop from these inspiring ideas and guiding lights — all of which are integrated to make your experience with the music more fulfilling — whether you’re a fan or a music-maker.

Feature #7: DISTINGUISHED WRITERS, EXCLUSIVE COLUMNS: One of the writers, Ira Gitler, the dean of jazz journalists, has been on the scene since the 1940s and has interviewed everyone, written liner notes, and attended thousands of performances, and been at recording sessions by every artist from Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Miles Daves, Duke Ellington and virtually everyone else you can imagine.

Benefit #7: Satisfy your curiosity about the artists, recordings, performances, history and more with Jazz Improv’s unparalleled depth and diversity of first hand insights into the music and music makers by our array of independent-thinking writers — many of whom you won’t find anywhere else.

Feature #8: MAGNIFICENT PHOTOS & GALLERIES – This collection includes beautiful color photos and photo galleries. One of our specials was a 24-page gallery of the 50th Newport Jazz Festival. Founder George Wein couldn’t attend that year and told me the gallery helped him feel like he was right there.

Benefit #8: Experience the enjoyment of being “transported” right to where your favorite artists are performing or speaking — on stage, back stage, at home — so you can feel like you’re right there!

Feature #9: COMPREHENSIVE DIRECTORIES OF ARTISTS & COMPANIES – Each issue, jazz improv published a Directory with a different emphasis, such as Guitar, Sax & Woodwinds, Brass, Vocal, Rhythm Section (Piano, Bass, Drums, Vibes, Percussion) including hundreds of artists, contact information, and and relevant companies.

Benefit #9: Save time and effort with Jazz Improv’s one-stop references and contact resources so you can stay up-to-date on jazz stars, emerging artists, and easily find the manufacturers for related products.


Benefit #10: You get the benefit of unique, extraordinary content, oozing with enthusiasm and energy. Why? Because we created these volumes as our passion, with a purity of purpose to promote the music and the artists. So you get the very best, unbiased, most comprehensive content anywhere.

And for those readers who

also happen to make music…

Feature #11: AUTHORITATIVE HOW-TO INSTRUCTIONAL ARTICLES ON MAKING MUSIC — You’ll read articles and analyses by cracker-jack players and educators about improvising, crafting solos, and all of the essential musical elements including melody, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, texture, composing, arranging …. columns such as Piano Perspectives, Latin Jazz Music, Accompaniment, Rhythmically Speaking and much more. Even if you don’t play music, you’ll find that as a number of our readers have told us, when they have this musical information side by side with the articles and interviews, it has made them better listeners.

Benefit #11: Save time by getting clearly written, focused instruction to improve your performance abilities and composing and arranging skills. You’ll become a stronger soloist, gain confidence, more attention and acceptance among your bandmates, peers and mentors.

Feature #12: E-BOOK FULL OF MUSIC with every issue — For those readers who also happen to make music, a 200+ page e-book in the form of a PDF file on the companion CD includes song lead sheets, transcribed solos (for C, Bb, Eb and bass clef instruments), arrangements (including scores and parts) for big band and small group jazz ensembles, exercises, how-to articles and more.

Benefit #12: Expand your repertoire of songs, quickly learn the styles and vocabulary of the most influential jazz masters, and save money as you build your personal collection or your school’s library of music, with hundreds of dollars worth of arrangements.

Feature #13: BONUS: jazz education SOURCEBOOK: Jazz Improv’s jazz education Source Book in one of the volumes includes complete listings of schools, programs and faculties along with interviews with educators, how to articles, and music.

Benefit #13: Save time with this veritable all-in-one jazz education directory and resource. It makes it easy to decide what schools or summer programs in which you may want to enroll to study, make contacts and connections and improve your playing and writing.


If you would like the set shipped to CANADA, you will be billed an additional $80 prior to shipping.

If you would like the set shipped INTERNATIONALLY, you will be billed an additional $125 prior to shipping.

jazz improv

Wanna Know How This Entire Lifetime Collection of Jazz Improv® was created just for you?

When I created Jazz Improv®, it was with the intent to publish something that–as a jazz music lover, myself–if I saw it, I would have to have it …. like a kid in a candy store. I included all those things I would love to have in my ideal jazz magazine.

I wanted intelligent, compelling, thought-provoking interviews – rather than one or two page fluff pieces. I wanted articles that delved into the philosophies, experiences, human nature and spirit that inspires and drives the artists — so I could better understand them, and the creative process. I wanted substantive reviews of recordings and products.

I wanted to be able to discover and listen to new music covering all the different genres in jazz - thus our creation of the enhanced companion CD. I wanted to fill it up with as much music as we could put on there. On the Jazz Improv CDs you generally get a full 72 to 75 minutes worth of music.

I also wanted to add more value and usefulness for those readers who make music – educators, students, musicians, hobbyist. That means we include an extensive, fun-to-use, valuable and practical collection of song lead sheets, transcriptions of solos, instructional articles, exercises, arrangements for big band with scores and parts and more.

This entire jazz music Collection is designed to make it easy to learn how and what the masters do — to enable our you to follow the proven process of imitating what works and then assimilating the ideas into your own life or music, to develop your own voice, if you also happen to play.

CLICK HERE to view the entire contents of each of the 22 Volumes & CDs

No Fluff. No Gossip. Just Jazz!

This Jazz Music Collection – A Lifetime Full of Jazz with a depth and diversity … and abundance of quality content.”

As the one jazz musician publishing these kinds of volumes for 14 years, I’ve conducted over 400 interviews with jazz music artists and authorities (actually during the past 30 years, if you count the ones I used to do for one of our competitors, for whom I used to write) and our other writers – also musicians – have added a bunch as well.

I’ve found something that’s not really much of a surprise to me.

That is, many of the artists resonate with being interviewed by, and working with other musicians. It’s simple we all like to be around people like ourselves.

That’s why you’ll get the inside story – in-depth, up close and personal with numerous jazz masters.

That concept alone has opened the doors for artists to feel safe and comfortable in working with us to share their ideas with readers. The result is how forthcoming the majority have been.

You get to experience another side of the artists

that often isn’t readily revealed …

That’s great news for you as a reader — because you get to experience another side of the artists that often do not emerge in situations where musicians tend to be more guarded — around non-musicians, critics, or fans and so on.

Here’s another reason why this Jazz Music Lifetime Collection and every volume of Jazz Improv is unique.

Every volume was put together by jazz musicians – and deeply passionate fans.

In the publishing world, there are a lot of editors and publishers who are highly experienced. They know all the nuts and bolts, tips and tricks, and strictures and structures of publishing and editing and production.

They could work effectively whether they were heading up a cigar publication, or one on healthy doggie treats for German Shepherds or yachting or anything else. They might not know a lot about the subject matter, but they’d learn about it along the way, and plug in their publishing know-how, and make the thing work.

The question is do you want to hear, discover and experience jazz music from somebody’s “WIG” or from those who live it and create it from the SOUL?

If you’re like me, you want the real stuff, the inside scoop — especially on a subject you love, like jazz – that does more than just “work.” You want it to sing!!! You want it to be bursting with character and energy.

Sizzling with content to satisfy your jazz music appetite.

I mean don’t you think that a publication that is created by people who love the subject matter and have a lot of experience with it might be a little more committed, and maybe even knowledgeable? And, in turn, don’t you think that would produce that very sizzling product to satisfy your appetite?

Don’t you think we might understand the subtleties of the audience’s (that’s you!) attitudes and desires — and what you really want — a little bit more intimately? And, don’t you think we might be able to effectively embody those in the created product?

Of course!

That’s exactly what this comprehensive, lifetime Jazz Music Collection of Jazz Improv® does!

What you get took 11 years to create – this Jazz Music Treasury of Jazz Improv® with 22 Volumes, 22 CDs and 10 E-books is not some quick throw-together product!

Look,we didn’t start Jazz Improv® to get into the publishing or the media business just because we think it’s cool.

We’re not a media conglomerate looking to add another publication title to our portfolio, to own and control more properties, or to feel more powerful.

We do not publish Jazz Inside Magazine from the distant perspective of a critic – some of whom play music and some of whom do not – and I didn’t publish this entire lifetime collection of Jazz Improv® that way either.

And, nothing you will get or read was published from the gushing perspective of someone who wants to rub elbows with celebrities.

Nor was this Jazz Improv Lifetime Collection published from the detached perspective of a corporate executive who wants to be “cool” because its hip to “hang out” with jazz musicians.

We’re not among those industry types who want to lord over the artists as a way to somehow feel powerful over them — over people engaged in rewarding artistic and creative endeavors, and doing what they wish they could do.

This entire Lifetime Jazz Music Collection of Jazz Jazz Improv® was created with the purity of purpose of our love for this music and the creative process.

Content is king!

And, it’s bolstered by deep passion and experience!

That’s just one reason why you’ll discover that this Jazz Improv® Lifetime Collection is special.

Creating this Jazz Music Lifetime Collection of Jazz Improv was not just a job. Jazz is an ongoing passion!!!

So you get an entire collection – 22 Volumes, 22 CDs and 10 E-books that’s bubbling over with it!

The fact is that this Jazz Improv® Lifetime Collection is the direct result of my love and appreciation for this music we call jazz – in all it’s configurations and styles (early jazz, New Orleans jazz, swing, bebop, post bop, West Coast, Cool, Fusion, Free Jazz, Avant-garde and so on), and regardless of what labels or titles work for you.

Bolstered by my experience as an active instrumentalist, composer and arranger for over 30 years, I created Jazz Improv® for people who love jazz like I do — fans, educators, students, hobbyists, musicians.

Jazz Improv® and now Jazz Inside Magazine is driven by passion — and my passion for jazz started in perhaps the same way yours did — as it has for many.

Think back for a minute to that moment that you discovered this music …. the first jazz music recording or performance that electrified you.

Maybe you were just like me and had no idea what jazz was when it grabbed you.

My uncle Joe was an electrician. (One of the integrity feathers in his cap was that at the time the U.S. military most needed him during World War II, they actually discharged him from the U.S. military. Why? Because as a quality control inspector of airplane engines, he refused to approve ones that were defective, and likely to malfunction during flight. He refused to compromise and put people’s lives in jeopardy during the war just so the military could meet some quota.

Anyway, he gave me a big old tube radio from the 1940s when I was 14. One Saturday night, by coincidence, I tuned in the Steady Eddie Newman Show from Atlantic City. I remember the lyrics to the theme song: “Hey Cats get ready, time to talk with Eddie…on the Steady…the Steady Eddie Newman Show”]. He was playing Kenton, Basie, Ellington, Buddy Rich, Woody Herman, Maynard Ferguson and more. I had never heard anything like this – with this kind of energy and purity. I got into jazz through the big bands, but quickly heard and was magnetized by Charlie Parker, Coltrane, Miles Davis and others.

When I first discovered this music, it grabbed me right in the center – mind, body and spirit. I was tingling. I screamed, “Wow! What is that?”

Remember that pang of excitement you experienced when you heard jazz for the first time? Remember the first time you heard and saw that incredible artist that turned your head around in ways you’ll never forget?

For me, that was sitting ten feet in front of Buddy Rich and his big band and watching him perform an astonishing, super-human drum solo on “West Side Story Medley,” and shortly after that seeing Sonny Rollins make a comeback at the Village Vanguard with his quartet, playing explosively until 3:00 AM, and then Philly Joe Jones walked in to sit in on the last set.

As you can undoubtedly tell by now, as I mentioned earlier …

Creating the Jazz Improv® Lifetime Collection was never just a job – or something to do from Monday to Friday.

Neither Jazz Improv®, nor our staff, nor our attitude, nor our approach and foundational understandings ever had that icy, soul-less corporate veneer.

When you get this collection you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

You’ll feel the buzz of energy, that passion that I’m speaking about – in your hands and oozing in spirit from cover to cover.

And, you benefit, because we infuse that passion into every word in the magazine and every note in the e-book.

You can’t replace passion, first hand experience, practical know-how, knowledge and understanding of a subject with second hand opinions.

Jazz Improv® – this Lifetime Collection is like no other.

As you probably know, you just don’t learn how to play or improvise in an afternoon, or even through a crash course over weeks or months. Like anyone who is serious about this music, I’ve spent 8 and 10 hours a day, for years, in the practice room and on the bandstand. You have to, if you want to get it together.

And if you’re publishing with a focus on jazz, isn’t it a good idea to have the very know-how that comes from that experience so you can really know and deliver what readers want? Of course it is.

We want to inspire readers, and give you an abundance of

really, really valuable information and ideas with each volume.

Just to be sure you know that all of this talk about walking the walk and talking the talk to get you to get this incredible Jazz Music Collection isn’t just sales copy, here are the facts

I didn’t just show up one day and write an article on jazz, or submit some reviews or opinions to some website or blog, or get published on in some internet forum — and pronounce myself an expert.

I didn’t just all of a sudden show up one day and take a few lessons, hang out a bit, play a few gigs and say I’m a jazz player.

I didn’t just make a CD one day and dub off 1000 copies and say now I’m a professional.

I didn’t just show up last year and accidentally create – as I did a couple years ago – one of the largest single-location, multiple-day, jazz industry conventions, that featured 100 performances by major jazz music artists, 80 panels and workshops by leading experts, speakers and authorities, and attract 80 sponsors and booth exhibitors at the expo.

I didn’t just show up recently and start composing songs, arranging music for big band and studio orchestra, and pronounce myself some sort of expert.

And, I didn’t just show up one day and throw together some interviews, reviews, articles, see if we could sell some ads, and get a few distributors and subscribers and pronounce myself as a publisher, expert and professional.

Or worse, cop some entitlement attitude because I have my name and title on my business card or album.

Understanding how we created this Jazz Music Lifetime Collection of Jazz Improv will help you understand how special it is for you.

As every jazz music artist and business professional will tell you – who has paid some dues, experienced some failures, developed some humility, and embraces the attitude of personal development — this music is about genuine commitment, and success is often as simple (or as difficult) as staying on the path of mastery in the pursuit of lifelong growth and education.

I’ve been working in the trenches in the jazz world, non-stop for over 30 years.

I had invested years teaching improvisation privately. That’s something which is really helpful if you want to know what to publish in a jazz magazine and you want to include valuable and practical content in sections for students, musicians, educators and hobbyists. Jazz music fans and developing players have burning questions about the music and recordings and how to get their playing, composing and arranging together, to try to improvise masterfully.

I’ve spent thousands of hours listening to jazz, studying it, transcribing solos and full arrangements.

So what? Right?

I’m not telling you this for the purpose of boasting about my accomplishments or gratifying my ego. I’m as offput as anyone by huge egos.

I’m telling you about my experience so you can understand why this Jazz Improv® Lifetime Collection is so unique, and chock full of compelling editorial content – that is so in-tune with what you want – as a jazz lover, and perhaps you as a student of this music and music maker.

What all this first hand experience means for you is this.

We didn’t have to consult friends or musicians or other “experts” for the right answers about who and what to cover. We didn’t need to figure out from someone else, just who or what to include in each of these jam packed volumes or on the CDs.

I know a lot of people with titles but without the goods to back them up. Don’t we all! A little frustrating – but the best thing is to just keep your nose to the grindstone and be the best you can.

As one of the quotes we’ve run in the magazine goes: “Credentials don’t necessarily mean competence.”

So, we never needed a second opinion to figure out if someone could play, or whether or not they were worthy of being covered.

We can hear it for ourselves in the first few measures — maybe the first couple notes.

This always has made it easy for us to bypass biased opinions of industry politicos and bring you the kinds of discoveries and focus that make this Jazz Improv® Lifetime Collection the indispensable educational and entertainment resource you will want.

OK, you won’t see what I’m talking about in the course of just one word, or sentence or article or interview.

But, as a jazz fan, you’ll feel the energy I’m talking about in the tenor and flavor of the whole collection and listening to the CDs.

You’ll resonate with the uniquely personalized approach of Jazz Improv® – the kind of feeling when jazz was less corporatized, when you could go to jazz clubs and you could get up close and personal with the artists. You’d be a stone’s throw away and you could speak with them afterwards.

CLICK HERE to view the entire contents of each of the 22 Volumes & CDs

jazz CDs

Jazz Improv® is “the real deal”

You’ll be able to make up your own mind about why I’m qualified to tell you that this Jazz Improv® Lifetime Collection is as guitarist Mimi Fox wrote – “the real deal” — both in terms of the editorial content, the music, and in terms of the final product you get, as a result our skill and commitment to help you experience your passion for jazz

I think you’ll agree that you’ll feel a lot more comfortable knowing that this Jazz Music Treasury is created by the very people who share your enthusiasm and passion for the music – with years of first hand experience to deliver what you want.

What all this means for you is that each impressive-looking, jam-packed-with-information volume is bursting with the kind of quality and quantity of content that will keep you glued to each volume and will be a resource that you’ll want to keep and read and use over and over again.

Jazz Improv® doesn’t play follow the leader.

If you kind of sense that this 22 Volume, 22 CD collection is powered by a different and independent voice, ideas and spirit – you’re right!

It’s because of the people who work with and contributed to this set.

For the most part, you won’t find them anywhere else.

The Jazz Improv Lifetime Collection is one that is not like the others – not fused into the one incumbent, generic jazz media voice.

We’ve humbly tried to model our publishing approach to reflect the concept that every great jazz artist pursues developing his or her own distinctive voice and sound — and energy and soul that unmistakably emerges in their playing and writing.

Here’s an example of how we’re different. Inevitably there’s some media hype blitz by some company and you wind up seeing the same artist or product or event on the covers of the other books and publications – in the same month or two, along with corresponding short articles. These volumes have featured a whole array of different artists – as well as the leaders – and featured in the most comprehensive way.

In fact, our one-of-a-kind, in-depth cover features run 20 or 30 pages.

It has earned the respect of the most competent industry leaders

and artists…

You see, we’ve never gotten any special favors or sweetheart deals during our eleven years of publication.

So we don’t owe anybody anything.

What that means for you, is this Jazz Music Treasury – this Lifetime Collection of 22 Volumes, 22 CDs and 10 E-books – is overflowing with content is driven by a purity of purpose, and is not bought out or co-opted in any way.

So, in this collection of Jazz Improv® you’ll discover treasures new and old – including the household names and high profile internationally renowned artists too — and in a much more in depth way …. all to your benefit!

You get the benefit of getting up close and personal not only with lifetime achievers and leading influential artists, but also get to know the many other incredible less well known or emerging artists in depth.

I wanted you to know all this so when you take a look ahead at all the features and benefits and bonuses you get when you order this 22 Volume, 22 CD, 10 E-Book set of Jazz Improv®, it will be as logical as tying your shoes — so you’ll be able to simply push the button and get started.

CLICK HERE to view the entire contents of each of the 22 Volumes & CDs

jazz solos



With more than 200 pages of customer testimonials from real live people (just like you) who have read and enjoyed Jazz Improv® … this collection will fill your mind, body and spirit with “nutrition-rich” information and entertainment.


“essential to anyone interested in

this continually evolving music.”

“For many years, Jazz Improv will be essential to anyone interested in this continually evolving music.” — Nat Hentoff

“overwhelmed by your photo gallery”

“I’m overwhelmed by your photo gallery of the festival. As you know, I couldn’t make it to [the] Newport [Jazz Festival], but seeing the wonderful spread gives me a sense of being there.” — George Wein

“Jazz Improv® is the most revered media in all of Jazzdom!”

- Howard Silvers, President, Quicksilver Records

“has things in it that no other… has”

“Jazz Improv® has things in it that no other … has and I have found it very useful with my students…the transcribed solos, the analysis, the interviews — all of the things that you have there, you have a special place…in terms of showing people about jazz…” – Dr. Billy Taylor

“…a work of art”

“Each issue of Jazz Improv® is a work of art!” – Dr. Herb Wong


“hands down the best”

“This quarterly is hands down the best for the serious jazz fan and for the professional musician. – Loren Schoenberg, NPR’s Curios Listener’s Guide to Jazz

“…easily outdistances most other jazz periodicals.”

“Jazz Improv easily outdistances most other Jazz periodicals, whatever their publishing schedule or country of origin, and that includes the usual “household names.” JI also comes with a companion disc, and the two we’ve heard so far have been excellent … a remarkably impressive magazine worth every penny” — Jack Bowers, AllAboutJazz


“a must for all jazz students and jazz teachers.”

“Jazz Improv is what I feel should be used in all jazz classes. Kind of like the old weekly reader that was used in the English classes in school. The note-for-note transcriptions and analysis of improvised solos provide great examples of the concepts of jazz improvisation. I think this magazine is a must for all jazz students and jazz teachers. I have recommended it to all my students. Bravo to you and the writers of Jazz Improv. Keep them coming.” - Joe Riposo, Director of Jazz Studies, Syracuse University

“outstanding help for students, musicians and educators…”

“This is an outstanding help for students, musicians and educators alike. The magazine’s depth of scholarly transcriptions is unexcelled. And, it’s fun to play the music along with tracks on the recording. Awesome.” - Berklee College Of Music, Library Director, Jon Voight

“a virtual cornucopia of riches.”

“…so full of great articles and transcriptions, it is a virtual cornucopia of riches. I usually end up giving it to my students…” – Scott Reeves


“What an overachieving magazine!”

“As an amateur vibes player and a dedicated jazz fan, I want to thank you for producing Jazz Improv. As my brother said when he first saw it, “What an overachieving magazine!” As a 2nd year subscriber, I continue to be baffled and amazed. How do you do it!” - Michael Heilpern, Publisher, LAjazz.com

“the gold standard for jazz related content”

“…your magazine is the gold standard for jazz related content. Thanks again for a great contribution to jazz. – John K., New York

“highlights for me …the little bubble quotes which are always positive and filled with inspiration.”

“One of the highlights for me when I read your magazine is the little bubble quotes which are always positive and filled with inspiration. As a jazz fan these insights inspire not only the thrill of reading the amazing articles on the artist but the continuing dialogue of what jazz is about.” - Craig S. – NY

“…amazing treasure chest of material … I frequently go back to older issues to mine them for material.”

“Your magazine is a fabulous resource and each issue is an amazing treasure chest of material. I frequently go back to older issues to mine them for material.” - Peter M.

“the best all-round music reference periodical ever published … the CD alone is quite a bargain … has been the source of most of my CD purchases…”

“Jazz Improv is the best all-round music reference periodical ever published. Each issue contains the equivalent of several months of valuable (and expensive) music lessons for any instrument and/or genre. For non-musicians, the CD alone is quite a bargain…I am still listening to one that is 2 years old. The editors’ selection of the latest and often unknown artists has been the source of most of my CD purchases…

“I totally love the magazine – especially the overage of motivation and inspiration and relationship.”

“So I thought you’d like to hear from an interested fan, not exactly a jazz musician …. Thanks – the mag is a beautiful thing to me.” – RC Thompson MD, Fort Smith, Arkansas

“I’m not musically inclined, but the truth of your insights carries a practical and applicable wisdom that can be transferred into many relationships and life experiences.”

“I read my first article in it today. Actually, the second article I read today was yours from the Vol. 4, Number 3, “Ethics and Integrity” column, entitled “It’s A Conspiracy…” – Marianne Parker

There’s really nothing that compares to this Jazz Improv® Collection – unparalleled value and benefits in terms of quantity and quality of content, and you get to experience all this jazz in print, digital, sound and video media.

CLICK HERE to view the entire contents of each of the 22 Volumes & CDs

Miles Davis

This Jazz Improv Collection is truly priceless for you as a jazz lover.

Can you really put a value on the kind of enjoyment you get from indulging your soul — your mind, body and spirit — and experiencing your passion?

How much would any of us pay for that “aha moment” we get when we discover something exciting that helps us in our career or our passion?

How much would any of us pay to stumble upon that clearly monumental idea or even that subtle message or experience that changes our lives, or inspires us, or re-inspires us, or gives us hope and direction in our lives and careers?

How much do you pay to make your soul sing or your spirit soar?

I’d pay whatever I could — because I know that when I’m inspired, my life force is humming, and nothing can stop my drive and determination!

In my own small way, that’s what I have shared with our readers of Jazz Improv and Jazz Inside and now thats I’m trying to share with you in this Jazz Improv Collection of 22 Volumes and 22 CDs, and 10 E-books – the interviews, articles, reviews, music, the CD, e-book — infused with this kind of energy.

Simply put, Jazz Improv® Magazine is the transporter of what we hope will inspire your passion for this music and in some way your life, relationships, career and more.

The investment to get all of this is so insignificant, that if you’re a jazz lover, you can’t afford not to own this Jazz Improv® Collection — for both what’s on the surface and the innumerable subtle, below-the-surface benefits you’ll get — some of which you may not even recognize until much later.


Here’s what our friendly competitor, Cadence Magazine said about Jazz Improv®: “The CD alone is worth the price of admission.” Needless to say, the addition of the new 200+ page e-book, added to the enhanced CD with each issue, would itself be worth a couple of hundred dollars.

You get all of this for a very modest amount.

Here are some of the fascinating personalities you’ll discover in this Jazz Improv® Lifetime Collection


If you’ve ever had a down day – and who hasn’t? – and if one of these guys is your heroes, you’re going to get not only an insight into their music, but their incredible lives. In fact after reading their stories, in their own words, you’ll probably be as inspired as I have become to be grateful for every day and every gift I have.

One of those experiences happened when I interviewed saxophonist Don Menza and he talked about his relationship with Sonny Rollins. This is great!

Don Menza: “You know, about four years ago, I quit playing again. Sonny [Rollins] called me. We were getting ready to sell our house in Vegas. Rose and I were cleaning out the garage and it was about nine in the morning, and hot. I was out there with a weed whacker and a hedge trimmer. She taps me on the shoulder and says the phone is for you. I walked in the garage and asked who it was. She said, “Sonny Rollins.” I said, “Sure, and I’m Charlie Parker.” So I get on the phone and Sonny said, [Don imitates Sonny's voice] “Hey Don, I heard that.” It was Sonny! So I sat down on the garage floor and I said, “Hey, what’s happening? How are you doing?” Sonny said, “I’m doing so-so. I’m kind of sad.” I said, “What happened man?” He said, “I hear a friend of mine wants to quit playing the saxophone.” I said, “Sonny, we don’t have enough time to talk about it.”

Sonny Rollins said, “No. No. Why do you want to do this? Man, if I can tell you, in my life, the disappointments I’ve had about music, it would be overwhelming. But you have got to go through it. Don’t look back. Expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed.”

That was one legendary jazz artist inspiring one other great jazz player.

This is the kind of wisdom and enlightenment that shows up time and time again in this Jazz Improv® collection — right in the middle of something designed to be fun and entertaining.

Some of the interviews with influential artists that are included: Sonny Rollins, Wayne Shorter, George Benson, Pat Metheny, Wynton Marsalis, Kenny Burrell, Stanley Clarke, Michael Brecker, Phil Woods, Clark Terry, Chick Corea, Pat Martino, Joe Lovano, Mike Stern, Horace Silver, Cedar Walton, John Scofield, Sam Rivers, Charles Lloyd, Gerald Wilson, Arturo Sandoval, Bill Frisell, Jon Faddis, Michel Camilo, Eddie Gomez, McCoy Tyner, Percy Heath, Wallace Roney, Sonny Fortune, Diane Schuur, Dave Douglas, Buster Williams, Gary Burton, Peter Erskine, Charles McPherson, Curtis Fuller and several hundred others. (Some of these recent interviews are still available among the remaining back issues)


How much more knowledgeable would you be if you had devoured these features in Jazz Improv® and gained an extraordinary perspective about these influential artists?

Yeah, you could impress your friends and gain greater social acceptance. But, more than that, your own on-board, intimate understanding of the music — and perhaps exploration of their recordings that you hadn’t heard or been aware of would have put you light years ahead.

But relax. You can start right now.

Some of the expansive cover features included: John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Cannonball Adderley, Wes Montgomery, Art Blakey, Dizzy Gillespie, Buddy Rich, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Stan Getz and more. (Most of these are included in the Jazz Improv Lifetime Collection – in this Jazz Music Treasury.)


With the 75 to 100 jazz music reviews you’ll be able to read in each volume, you’ll become a walking discography of jazz music. We published some 3,000 reviews in the past few years — too many to list here — introducing our readers to talented emerging artists side-by-side with the greats…new recordings and re-issues.

Jazz Improv® Inspires and Motivates You

Sometimes, amidst the stress and distractions of contemporary life, it’s difficult to get into the music you love, or to stay focused being creative and practicing, playing composing and arranging music — the reason you got involved in this in the first place.

This Jazz Music Treasury – this lifetime collection of Jazz Improv volumes is filled with motivational articles, motivational quotes and philosophical and inspirational articles about human nature, mind, body and spirit. These are designed to help you maintain your positive energy, attitudes and perspectives — to bolster your focus on enjoying the music and being creative. That’s our way of being the change we wished to see in the world, and in the attitudes and behaviors of the small area of the universe we call the jazz world.

I actually began publishing the quotes as a reminder for myself about how I wanted to live.

The motivational articles are designed to inspire readers And provide the other side to the purely technical and musical approach to the creative process.

In order for the music to be deep, it has to come from some sort of depth — from life experiences, philosophies, and so on.


Here are some of the inspiring essays, integrating musical experiences and business perspectives with common sense philosophies, and ideas about living. You would have read these had you already been a subscriber. Some of these are still available in the remaining back issues.

  • A Few Thoughts On The Virtue of Patience
  • Boundaries – From Abstract To Concrete
  • Character vs. Reputation–Please Identify Who You Really Are
  • Enthusiasm – The Answer To How Is Yes
  • Experiencing The Moment
  • Focus on What You Want, Not on What You Don’t Want
  • Human Nature: Purity of Purpose-Keeping Score vs. The Enjoyment of Playing The Game
  • Inclusive vs. Exclusive – Accessing Source Energy or The Ego
  • Instant Gratification
  • Intuition
  • Is This Really Your Own Truth – The Pitfalls of Rationalizing Our Behavior vs. Taking Responsibility
  • It’s A Conspiracy-Paranoia-Illusions-Developing Relationships
  • Leadership
  • Making Meaning Or Not – Neutralizing Unnecessary Suffering
  • Making People Wrong Or Right
  • Power, Fame and Fortune for The Jazz Musician
  • Praise vs. Gossip
  • Reciprocation
  • Relinquishing Our Fear and Insecurity
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Saying A Peaceful Goodbye To Anger
  • Selfishness Success and Failure — Distractions That Compromise Your Potential To Create
  • The Importance of Being in A Positive Environment
  • The Tyranny of the Ego
  • Urgent Versus Important
  • What Other People Think vs. Self Actualization
  • You Have To Know What You Want – The Journey Of A Lifetime

CLICK HERE to view the entire contents of each of the 22 Volumes & CDs

John Coltrane

Certainly, you’re aware from having bought jazz method books, arrangements, fake books and so on–that many of them are loaded with white space, have no CD, and cost $20 and up.

This Jazz Music Treasury, this lifetime collection of Jazz Improv has so many features and benefits that you’ll be accessing it over and over again for years to come.

Here are some of the essentials you’ll find each issue

  • Song Analyses — Help you learn essential jazz and standard songs note for note
  • Patterns — Help you build your musical vocabulary, whether you’re a beginner or expert
  • Chords – all about them, and how to apply them
  • Melody – ideas about creating great ones
  • Intervals – How to use fourth intervals, thirds, sixths and so on
  • Scales (Blues scales, major, minor, whole tone, diminished, pentatonic scales — how to make the endless numbers and combinations of pentatonic scales work to help you play “inside” and “outside”)
  • Note for Note Transcriptions of Solos — Note for note transcriptions of solos by the most noteworthy and influential jazz stylists help you master different styles and develop your own voice
  • Piano voicings — For pianists who want to learn and expand their skills at accompaniment, and composers and arrangers to discover more ideas in their efforts to write.
  • Rhythm and syncopation — Ideas for drummers, as well as all other instrumentalists about applying these concepts to become a more creative and sensitive improviser.
  • How to develop your solos
  • How to write arrangements
  • How scales and chords work together
  • Consonance and Dissonance
  • …and much more.


Here are some of the incredible artists whose note for note solo transcriptions that have appeared in Jazz Improv. Their secrets are right there on the printed page in the volumes and e-books that you will be getting in this Jazz Music Treasury of 22 volumes, 22 CDs and 10 e-books.

You could be on your way to playing like these masters…

Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Sonny Stitt, Clifford Jordan, George Benson, Kenny Barron, Red Garland, Wynton Kelly, Cedar Walton, Joey De Francesco, McCoy Tyner, Michael Brecker, Hank Mobley, Charles McPherson, Bill Evans, Cannonball Adderley, Clifford Brown, Pat Martino, Horace Silver, Wayne Shorter, Wes Montgomery, Billy Taylor, Kenny Burrell, Joe Henderson, Joe Lovano, Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Rollins, Stan Getz, Dexter Gordon, Woody Shaw, Freddie Hubbard, Jaco Pastorius, Charlie Parker, Lee Konitz, Gary Thomas, Zoot Sims, James Moody, Dizzy Gillespie, Jimmy Knepper, Wallace Roney, Grant Green and many more.


You will discover how to play each of these essential songs and with the note-by-note analyses, you’ll have the most comprehensive understanding of the melody and harmony…

[NOTE: While the majority of these song lead sheets are included among the collection, some of these song lead sheets may no longer be available in the collection of 22 volumes you will be getting.]

All The Things You Are, Composed by Jerome Kern; Along Came Betty, Composed by Benny Golson; Anthropology, Composed by Charlie Parker; Ballad Impromptu, Composed by Alan Broadbent; Best Things In Life Are Free; Bolivia, Composed by Cedar Walton; Bye Bye Blackbird; Come Rain or Come Shine, Composed by Harold Arlen; Conception, by George Shearing; Confirmation, Composed by Charlie Parker; Daahoud, Composed by Clifford Brown; Dat Dere, by Bobby Timmons; Days Of Wine & Roses; Ecaroh, Composed by Horace Silver; Giant Steps, Composed by John Coltrane; Great Stream, Composed by Pat Martino; Hallucinations, Composed by Bud Powell; Have You Met Miss Jones, Composed by Richard Rodgers; Hot House, Composed by Tad Dameron; I Mean You, Composed by Thelonious Monk; I Remember Clifford, Composed by Benny Golson; If You Could See Me Now, Composed by Tad Dameron; In Walked Bud, Composed by Thelonious Monk; In Your Own Sweet Way – Comp. Dave Brubeck; Introspection, Composed by Thelonious Monk; Joy Spring, Composed by Clifford Brown; Just In Time, Composed by Jule Styne; Lady Bird, Composed by Tad Dameron; Lush Life, Composed by Billy Strayhorn; Milestones #1, Composed by Miles Davis; Moment’s Notice by John Coltrane; Monk’s Mood, Composed by Thelonious Monk; More I See You, The More I See You; Nica’s Dream, Composed by Horace Silver; On Green Dolphin Street, Composed by Bronislau-Kaper; Ornithology, Composed by Charlie Parker; Our Delight, Composed by Tad Dameron; Parisian Thoroughfare, Composed by Bud Powell; Reincarnation Of A Lovebird, Composed by Charles Mingus; Round Midnight, Composed by Thelonious Monk; Ruby, My Dear, Composed by Thelonious Monk; Serenity, Composed by Joe Henderson; Shaw Nuff, Composed by Dizzy Gillespie; Sophisticated Lady, Composed by Duke Ellington; Teaneck, by Nat Adderley; Tempus Fugit, Composed by Bud Powell; Theme For Ernie – Comp. Fred Lacey There Is No Greater Love; There Is No Greater Love; Turn Out The Stars, Composed by Bill Evans; Two Lonely People, Composed by Bill Evans; Up Jumped Spring, by Freddie Hubbard; Very Early, Comp. Bill Evans; Virgo, Composed by Wayne Shorter; Waltz For Debby, Comp. Bill Evans; Webb City, Composed by Bud Powell; West Coast Blues – Comp. Wes Montgomery; You’re Welcome To A Prayer, Composed by Pat Martino; All Bird’s Children, Composed by Phil Woods;

Louis Armstrong


CLICK HERE to view the entire contents of each of the 22 Volumes & CDs

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  • Volume 1, Number 1 – John Coltrane (Printed Volume with CD)
  • Volume 1, Number 2 – Thelonious Monk (CD ONLY – NO MAGAZINE)
  • Volume 1, Number 3 – Pat Martino (Printed Volume only, NO CD)
  • Volume 1, Number 4 – Miles Davis (Printed Volume only, NO CD)
  • Volume 2, Number 1 – Horace Silver (Printed Volume with CD)
  • Volume 2, Number 2 – Michael Brecker (Printed Volume with CD)
  • Volume 2, Number 3 – Wayne Shorter (Printed Volume only, NO CD)
  • Volume 2, Number 4 – Wes Montgomery (CD ONLY – NO PRINTED VOLUME)
  • Volume 3, Number 1 – Bill Evans (CD ONLY – NO PRINTED VOLUME)
  • Volume 3, Number 2 – Cannonball Adderley (Printed Volume only, NO CD)
  • Volume 3, Number 4 – Billy Taylor (Printed Volume with CD)
  • Volume 4, Number 1 – Kenny Burrell (Printed Volume only, NO CD)
  • Volume 4, Number 2 – Joe Henderson (CD ONLY – NO PRINTED VOLUME)
  • Volume 4, Number 3 – Art Blakey (Printed Volume with 2 CDs)
  • Volume 4, Number 4 – Pat Metheny (Printed Volume with CD)
  • Volume 5, Number 1 – Dizzy Gillespie / Jon Faddis (Printed Volume with CD)
  • Volume 5, Number 2 – Phil Woods (CD ONLY – NO PRINTED VOLUME)
  • Volume 5, Number 3 – Chick Corea / Buster Williams (Printed Volume with CD)
  • Volume 5, Number 4 – George Benson (Printed Volume with CD)
  • Volume 6, Number 1 – Clark Terry (CD ONLY – NO PRINTED VOLUME)
  • Volume 6, Number 2 – Joe Lovano (Printed Volume with only one of 2 original CDs)
  • Volume 6, Number 3 – Buddy Rich (Printed Volume with CD)
  • Volume 7, Number 1 – Louis Armstrong (Printed Volume with CD)
  • Volume 7, Number 3 – Stanley Clarke (Printed Volume with CD – very limited qty remain)
  • Volume 7, Number 4 – Wes Montgomery (Printed Volume with CD – very limited quantities remain)
  • Volume 8, Number 1 – Frank Sinatra (Printed Volume with CD – very limited quantities remain)
  • Volume 8, Number 2 – Stan Getz (Printed Volume with CD – very limited quantities remain)
  • Volume 8, Number 3 – Herbie Hancock (Printed Volume with CD)
  • Jazz Improv LIVE! Convention Issue (PRINTED VOLUME & CD)

Frank Sinatra


Before you read the rest of this online letter I want you to review the top 7 reasons you might NOT order this comprehensive collection of Jazz Improv today.
The reason I’m doing this upfront is because I want to get your Resistance out of the way so you don’t self-sabotage yourself by not taking action now to get the benefits of ordering one of the VERY LIMITED numbers – 200 remaining – of this comprehensive Jazz Improv® Collection – 22 Volumes and 22 CDs plus a bunch of valuable bonuses I’m going to include.
So based on my research and experience, here are the 7 most common reasons for Resistance…

Resistance Reason #1: “I already have a bunch of other jazz books and magazines and CDs”

Eric’s Response: Ever since I was a teenager, as a constant student, fan, musician, independent artist, I’ve bought as many jazz books, publications and collections as I could get my hands on. I was even subscribing to jazz magazines from overseas, such as Coda, Crescendo, Jazz Journal and Jazz Forum and others. I want to know everything I can about what I’m interested in — especially when it involves my career and passion. I do the same thing with a couple of other interest areas I have. I just know that if you’ve read this far, you’re probably like me — and want to constantly find out more about this music and get up close with the masters and hear the inside stories, learn and discover new ideas, players, and hear new music. This collection will give you both more of the artists you already love, and take you on journeys to discover all sorts of exciting new music and ideas. I designed Jazz Improv for people just like us.

Resistance Reason #2: “I already get jazz information for free online plus I get magazines and books free or cheap.”

Eric’s Response: Look, you get what you pay for. If you want quality, you pay for it. This Jazz Improv® collection is not free. It costs money (albeit a modest amount by comparison to the immense value you get). There are some 5,500 pages of jazz, 22 volumes, 22 full-length CDs. Regularly these would have cost you more than $500. There are 200 sets remaining. If you don’t take advantage of one of the best opportunities in jazz, someone else will. I know it. Seriously, these volumes were created by our staff of jazz artists, educators and jazz lovers – in our own business. There’s a lot of labor of love that has gone into creating Jazz Improv®.

Here’s something else. Each volume of Jazz Improv® is 200-300 pages and our E-book is 150-250 pages. The Jazz Improv® e-book alone (without advertising pages) is three to five times the size of whatever jazz magazine or jazz education magazine or jazz book you might be buying for $20 or $30 with fewer pages and lots of white space. This collection gives you more practical jazz music, theory, and ideas and information that you can use instantly to help your students make rapid progress and jumpstart your own playing, composing, arranging and teaching.

Resistance Reason #3: “The collection of Jazz Improv volumes, books, e-books and CDs is too big and has too much information in it so I won’t have time to read it.”

Eric’s Response: I’m always perplexed by this comment. Of course, there’s no requirement to read all of the information in the entire collection or listen to the more than 300 recordings within a specified period of time. This is a collection that will provide you with a lifetime of listening, study , enjoyment and entertainment Read some now, read some later. Listen to some of the CD now, listen more later. The sub-title of this collection is “Timeless Music Motivation and Ideas.” Needless to say, that means that — like any book, movie, recording, or individual, idea that has a lot of substance, and something worth experiencing or accessing more than once — you will benefit from all the value that this enormous Jazz Improv® collection has to offer, long into the future.

Besides, who doesn’t like to get more than they paid for?

Whenever I buy products and services and get more value for my money than I expected, I feel like I’m dealing with a company that has the right attitude, puts the customer first, wants to nurture long time relationships. In fact, that’s why I have always published the statement that we want everyone with whom we do business to feel like they’ve received far more than they’ve given.

Resistance Reason #4: “I’m see that there is music in this collection of 22 volumes of Jazz Improv and I’m not a musician – so the collection of books and CDs is not for me because I can’t use the part of the collection featuring the music or the instructional articles about playing and writing music.”

Eric’s Response: One of our readers wrote to us that he is not a musician but that the inclusion of our “how-to” articles (for beginning, intermediate and advanced players), side-by-side with the comprehensive and detailed interviews with leading and emerging artists, has given him a better understanding and appreciation of the music he loves to listen to.

You know, there’s over 100 pages of the most comprehensive interviews with fascinating internationally influential artists and energized emerging musicians, 40 pages of reviews of recordings and products and columns by such leading writers as Ira Gitler, plus Todd Coolman, Sue Terry and others. You could tear out the music pages in each volume and still be left with a book with more content – and more substantive, compelling content — than any other jazz book or publication. By the way most of the music appears on the e-book in the form of bonus PDF files that are on the companion CDs. You see, for years I watched jazz lovers pick up our publications at conventions or events we attended, and they’d see the music in the front and they’d say “Oh this is for musicians, and I’m not a musician.” So we moved the music to the back. As luck would have it, we’d see people thumb through it from the back, and say the same thing. So we put the music in the middle. Same thing. The bottom line is that if you love jazz, this magazine will give you plenty to enjoy.

Resistance Reason #5: “I/we can’t afford it … [or] we don’t have it in the budget.”

Eric’s Response: I know that budgets are tight. That’s exactly why you should be now. The value we’ve included in this offer is not always going to be around. I know that you love jazz. And you know that the benefits you’ll experience in your personal life, the enjoyment, the motivation, the music are irreplacable. In contemporary society there’s already enough stress we each experience. The modest investment to indulge in something you really love, provides the kind of soothing of the soul and care of the body and mind that is priceless. And, if this music happens to be your profession as well, the modest cost of subscribing is even tax deductible!

Resistance Reason #6: “It costs too much.”

Eric’s Response: This collection of 22 volumes and 22 CDs really doesn’t cost at all. It pays. If you are a jazz fan, you will experience more value in terms of listening pleasure, discover more ideas and information about this music and its creators than anywhere else. And, if you’re a student or educator, the collection will literally provide you with a Doctorate in Jazz Studies in 22 Volumes and 22 CDs, handily available on your own bookshelf in your own private library. The price is deceptive – especially if you’re used to paying less for products that indeed offer substantially less. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, you get what you pay for. You can’t expect to get a Rolls Royce for the price of a Hershey Bar. We all pay a premium to get the best. Jazz Improv had historically been definitely the most expensive jazz publication – and the largest, most substantive, comprehensive and with a CD to boot. The music alone is worth hundreds of dollars – small group and big band jazz ensemble arrangements for you to use, plus the equivalent of several volumes of songs and transcribed solos of jazz greats. You’ve bought folio books and transcription books, so you know that a lot of those books can contain more white space than music — and they cost $20 to $25, and sometimes areas few as 50 to 100 pages.

Resistance Reason #7: “The content is too advanced.”

Eric’s Response: Where did you get that information from? This collection includes an overwhelming amount of content designed just for the jazz fan like you – from newbie to experienced jazz listeners – — articles, the most in-depth interviews, reviews. And for those who make music – students, fans, hobbyists and musicians – the content is equally broad, from beginning on up. As far as the interviews, reviews, general articles about the artists, history, recordings, perspectives and motivation — they’re easily accessible for all. And, the music on the CD — well, that’s simple! Anyone who enjoy great music will find treats in the over 70 minutes of full-length tracks by leading and emerging artists, that cover the gamut of genres and styles.

Pay less to get more. Great concept.

For far less than the cost of a night out on the town, really just one good meal, or a day trip and an overnight stay at an Inn or simply put — for the equivalent of about 50 cents a day for a matter of months — you’ll get this entire collection to enjoy for a lifetime, at your leisure, in the convenience of your own home, apartment, office, studio or wherever.

REALLY….if you’re a jazz fan (and certainly if you also make music), can you afford not to take advantage of this offer?

Quantities are limited – fewer than 200 sets.

Sets are $177.00 plus shipping.

CLICK HERE to view the entire contents of each of the 22 Volumes & CDs

Stan Getz

BONUSES for acting NOW!

I’d like to sweeten the offer and give you some valuable bonuses if you’ll order right now.

You’ll Receive 2 Incredible Bonuses (some might say Bribes!)

BONUS ONE: Downloadable digital versions of all of the issues of Jazz Improv monthly magazine. After you pay and the order is completed, you’ll get a link to a download page – that will be available for a limited time, and be coded for your usage only.

BONUS TWO: Free Copy of my CD Blessing in Disguise ($15.00 value)- 70 minutes of music, 12 tracks including “Stablemates,” “Bye Bye Blackbird” and 4 more jazz standards plus 6 originals. CD features Valery Ponomarev, trumpet; Donny McCaslin, tenor sax; Tony Monaco, organ; Byron Landham, drums; Mark Elf, guitar; and myself on vibes ($15.00 value)

You Pay Only = $177.00 plu shipping for the 22 volume set, 22 CDs and all the bonuses.


Here’s You Can Order Right Now & get the entire collection and all the bonuses! To Order Just Choose One of the Options Below:

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If you would like the set shipped to CANADA, you will be billed an additional $80 prior to shipping.

If you would like the set shipped INTERNATIONALLY, you will be billed an additional $225 prior to shipping.

Wes Montgomery

Option #2: Call 215-887-8880 (Visa, Mastercard, Discover)

Best Wishes,

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P.S. No deadline. No fancy stuff. When these remaining 200 sets that we discovered in the Jazz Improv warehouse are gone – that’s it. We’re not re-printing these. It’s over. No countdowns or limited numbers. Get your order in now before they’re gone. Plus get the BONUSES.


“Jazz Improv seeks to broaden peoples lives and provide those positive lessons to many more people. It certainly is a lofty but worthwhile goal, and it transcends merely playin’ tunes. Although it is fundamentally about playing and listening” – Glenn D.

“interviews…questions probe both the musical and personal aspects of the artists, and the interviews are extensive.”- Marc T.

“I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the interviews in Jazz Improv. The questions probe both the musical and personal aspects of the artists, and the interviews are extensive. Each one I read is an enriching experience. Keep ‘em coming!” - Marc Tannenbaum

“I was especially pleased to see that the names covered ran from well-known heavy weights like Jon Faddis, and Bobby Shew to journeymen players like Orbert Davis and Mark Isham to those really unknown.”

“getting through your magazine will supercharge my advancement as much if not more than going to a great school” – Tommy T.

“Each issue is so dense that it takes me a month to get through it! The integrity and breadth of each issue is astounding, as it goes from the spiritual to the technical. Its a library all by itself.”Andrew G, New City, NY

“the people that you interview are successful educators, performers and recording artists, it is good to hear their stories, because I can relate to them. Somehow their stories make me feel that I have not wasted my time in pursuing my jazz studies.”- Jim D, Pflugerville, TX

“In a music world of fast-food artists, marketing hype and MTV, it is rare to find a magazine that reflects the passion for the art of making music.” Tim P., Tulsa, OK

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George Benson

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